Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is centered around achieving client's goals. Using our best ideas, we form an investment policy that fits each specific client. We understand that each client has slightly different investment and spending goals. One common simplification made when investing is age-based risk targeting. In other words, as a person gets older they should take less risk all the time. Although this might hold true sometimes, ability to take risk is measured in more ways than one (age). In addition, risk willingness must be assessed with risk ability, which means that just because a client can take risk, does not mean they are willing to do so. When approaching an investment, we feel that good investments are good regardless of age and should be chosen based on financial profile and specific needs. 

Once a proper investment policy is in place, we invest our clients in an allocation that matches the policy we agree on. Many investment professionals operate on the premise that all information is known to everyone creating an efficient market. The overall US market is largely efficient, but certain global regions, sectors, and industries still have inefficiencies due to behavioral biases in the market and imperfect information across different investors. In addition to inefficiency in the equity market, both the bond market and real estate market exhibit inefficiencies due to liquidity issues and breadth of the bond market. Although we do not believe in outright timing the market, we feel that a tactical allocation allows a client to be cognizant of regional, industry, and sector inefficiencies.

For cash flow in retirement, it is often thought that investors should invest in high-dividend paying stocks and safe bond investments to fund retirement. Our process takes into consideration total return rather than strictly cash flow from investments. This means that we are not always taking risk off the table to invest in higher cash flow investments and we aren't "chasing yield" on the bond side to make up for the low interest rate environment. Often when investors focus too much on cash flow, they over expose themselves to interest rate risk. We try to ensure that our clients can fund all their liabilities or expenses throughout retirement, without sacrificing their return potential.